INTERNATIONAL is dedicated to individuals and families affected by Bethlem Myopathy.  It serves as a international connection center,  It has resources, links, articles and information.  This domain was founded by Mike Newton who allowed me to renew and recreate this new website.

My name is Liberty Adair and I am a mom of a 13 year old daughter who was diagnosed with Bethlem Myopathy.  When diagnosed I found absolutely no support until I found this website and made connections.  I since have learned a lot and created a international Facebook group with fabulous support and over 185 connections.

All discussions on there are not from medical personnel and are soley the experiences from different families.  All material here used will be referenced.

I am a licensed vocational nurse and radiologic technologist.  I have a Master of Science in Radiologic Sciences and a Masters of Health Administration from Midwestern State University.  I am currently working on my PhD in Health Administration.

My purpose is to help and guide families in many ways so they do not feel lost and they get the social support they need.  Any suggestions are appreciated.

My Wonderful Years of Life-changing Learning